Archaeology Paper and Essay Topics

Archaeology Paper and Essay Topics

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This paper discusses Alexander the Great . His life, his characteristics, his military power, and his death are discussed. Alexander the Great was a great ruler for several reasons. One of the most important characteristics that he had, was generosity. Alexander the Great did not fight for wealth, but fought for power and victory. Even as a child, Alexander wanted to prove his ability to capture Persia.

This is a paper that describes Alexander's like and his effect on the culture after. 

This undergraduate paper is an analysis of the Iqbal with some reference to the Jones and Chalfens families. The thesis is underlined, which is that life and culture are attempted to be controlled because the complexity of it all is not realized. 

This is an annotated bibliography concerning the Canada Aboriginal people. It gives four sources with a summary of each of these and a thesis of the future paper.

This paper shall be a comparison and contrasting examination of an anthropological topic. Specifically, this paper will examine two different hunter-gatherer level societies and discuss any similarities and differences. The two societies will be the Yanomamo and the Ojibwa. The topics discussed will include the status of women, religion, and division of labor, political organization, social organization, and technology.

This paper will seek to understand how the Los Angeles County Natural Museum of History creates its ethnographic base. By offering a great deal of Latin American and Native American permanent exhibits, we can learn how the stakeholders in the museum see a great value in projecting a scientific analysis of ancient cultures in American origins of human beings in southern California.

This is a paper with that analyzes the reasons, causes and effects of the growth of the Mongolian Empire in the 13th Century. It is descriptive in character and analyzes in depth.

Summary: This paper is about ancient civilizations, Dravidian culture was well established by about 2500 B.C., and more recent studies revealed that it covered nearly all of the Lower Indus Valley. This Indus Valley civilization was an empire that contained hundreds of cities, some of which had populations of thirty to forty thousand. The cities were centers for high civilization.

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